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Accounting Basics

What is an accounting?

            Types of accounts

            Accounting Groups

            Methods of accounting



            Manual Accounting



            Trial balance

            Final accounts

            Trading account format

            Profit and Loss account

            Balance sheet

            Computerized accounts

            Financial accounting software

            Different accounting software’s

            Differences between Manual and

            Automated accounts

History of Tally

            Introduction of Tally

            Author and company

            Importance of Tally


            How to start Tally software

            Contents in Tally

            Gate way of Tally

            How to use embedded calculator        

            How to close Tally

           How to install Tally

Part 1 (Company)

            Company Information Menu

            How to use shortcuts/Function Keys

            Select company

            Create Company

            Tally Vault Password

            Security Control

            Shut company

            Alter /Modifying existing company

            How to delete company

            Financial year

            Company Features  option

            Configuration option

            Hot keys

Part 2 (Ledgers)

            Chart of accounts & groups

            Predefined groups(Main and Sub)

            Ledger creation (Single and Multi)

            Ledger alteration and deletion

            Group creation

            Steps to see the Result

Part 3 (Adjustments)




            How to write adj Entries


            How to enter adj entries in Tally


            Journal voucher


            Alter and delete entries


Part 4 (Vouchers)

            Types of accounts

            Golden rules of accounts

            Entries with example transactions

            Credit and cash transactions

            What is Voucher

            Types of vouchers

            Voucher entries

            Voucher Create

            Voucher Delete

            Voucher Alter

            Cash book

            Alter and deletion

            Voucher type creation

Part 5 (Inventories)

            What is Inventory

            Stock group

            Stock item

            Units of measurement

            How to enter opening balances

            Voucher creations

            Steps to see the Result

Part 6 

            Debit Note & Credit Note

            Purchases and Sales orders

            Godown creation

            Cost center

            Bank Reconciliation 

Part 7 (Taxes)

            Value Added Tax(VAT)

            Central Sales Tax(CST)

            Service Tax

            Tax Deducted at Source(TDS)

            Tax Collected at Scource(TCS)

            Excise Duty (Dealer & Supplier)

Part 8 (Employee pay slip)

            Configuring Payroll in Tally.ERP 9

            Creating Payroll Masters

            Processing Payroll in Tally.ERP 9

            Accounting for Employer PF


            Accounting for Employer ESI


            Payment of Professional Tax

            Generating Payroll Reports

Part 9 (Print Commands)


            Print Commands


            How to set Print options




Part 10 (All Shortcuts)


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