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            Introduction to java

            Java importance and its applications

            Evolution of Java

            History of Java

            Java editors, coding conventions, Datatypes, Keywords,

            Java tools

Object oriented programming concepts & Basic programs

            General programming ways in java

            Basic programs to show how inputs can be provided to

           program using various classes like BufferedReader

           scanner, Datainputstream and through command line


            Class and Object, Access specifiers scope

            Constructor, parameterized methods, overloadings,

            Array object , static cocnept and  inheritences etc.

Java user defined packages

            Creating packages 

            Importing packages in programs

Data abstraction

            Interface concept,

            Interface creation and utilazation

            Abstract class concept and usage

String manipulation

            String class

            String class methods usage

            StringBuilder class

            String Builder methods class usage

Exception handling

            mportance of exception concept

            Exception concept in main and in class

            Usage of try and catch block

            Usage of throw and throws keywords,

            usage of finally keyword

            Creation of user defined exception and

            its usage and advantages

Abstract window toolkite

            Creating interface using various

            components  like Label, TextField, Button,                                                                 List , Choice, Checkbox etc.

            Handling events and performing


Util package

            Usage of various classes available in util

            package like vector, stack, random, string

            tokenizer, date , hashset , hashmap,

            hashtable etc.

File handling

            Writing and reading data using file

            concept in java

            Searching in a file


            Thread concept and its usage

            Using various methods like sleep, join, yield,

           setpriority, suspend, resume etc.


            Introduction to Applet concept

            Creating applet programs and running

          using appletviewer and HTML program

            Simple Applet programs

            Creating GUI in Applet

            Using threads in applet

Advance Java


            Designing Graphical user interface using

           components like JLabel, JTextField,

           JCheckbox, JRadiobutton etc.

            Handling operations based on events

            Usage of layouts like Border layout, null

           layout, gridlayout etc.

            Usage of advance swing components like

           jscrollpane, jtable etc.

            Menu program


            Usage of thin driver to access data from oracle using java


            Designing Graphical user interface to use oracle data

            Usage of statement class

            Usage of Preparedstatment class

            Usage of Callable statement class

RMI ( Remote method Invocation )

            Understanding requirements for developing distributed


            Accessing remote objects

            RMI with JDBC


            Types of protocals

            Networking Concept and its importance in applications

            Client server technology based program

Java Server Pages

            Hypertext markup language basics

            Form Tages usage

            Cascade style sheet basics

            Javascript basics

            Introduction to Webserver (A.TOMCAT)

            Introduction to JSP

            Advantages of JSP

            JSP Directory structure

            JSP program running enviornment

            A simple JSP program

            HTML/JSP program calling another JSP


            JSP using RDBMS enviornment

            JSP program handling RDBMS

            Login program using jdbc cocnept

            Session concept in JSP program


            Architecture of servlet programs

            Servlet life cycle

            Request and response handling

            Advantages of Servlet

            Servlet program running enviornment

            A simple servlet program

            HTML program calling servlet program

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